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Welcome to Little Zim 2010.

AU. Three part story. *Part One: Hidden among lies and false promises Professor Membrane has risen to the seat of power. Everything he does is gazed upon by the people of the world in wonder. So when he takes an interest in aliens he must hide his new experiment under the ruse of a new adopted son. Unfortunately his original experiment isn't too happy about this. **Part Two: Dib was created to be Professor membranes new host body once he was on his death bed. However Dib can't stand the way his 'Father' runs the world. Now with the help of his brother, the Irken Zim, can he escape his own fate and save Zim from his? ***Part Three: It happened. They escaped! Now the secrets are out, and an enraged Professor is on his way for revenge. Can Zim accept the fact that life isn't like the soap opera's he grew up with? Or will there be a happy ending after all? ****Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Cursing

Invader Con

I'll be there. And I'm curious. are any of you guys gonna be there too? and if so, should i bring the originals of my comic pages? o3o it might be fun to look through them XD I'll bring a little autograph book too.

Yep-p, some famous people and maybe some fans of aforementioned comics XD i love to meet fans.


that is all XD

posted by Notgonnadie @ November 3rd, 2010, 6:32 pm   1 comments

Missed some Days

Yes, sorry I missed some days of posting, but it was Stormy's birthday and I was sick yesterday so never even got to get online. Oh well I'm updating now so enjoy.

posted by Notgonnadie @ October 14th, 2010, 5:38 pm   0 comments

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